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We pride ourselves on professionalism and our standards of excellence. We offer quality courses, providing our students and the community with ongoing support throughout their shooting career.


York Region Firearms Academy was established in 1994 by Richard Holmes a retired Captain of the Toronto Fire Department.  Richard Holmes President and Chief Instructor brings the experience of 40 years of shooting involvement. York Region Firearms Academy North was established in 2016 by Janice Holmes.

Janice Holmes is designated by the Chief Firearms Officer to deliver the Canadian Firearms Safety Course(s). Janice is a member of the FSESO and her designation numbers is ON0977.

All FSESO members deliver the  CFSC and CRFSC programs across Ontario, however we a privately owned businesses. 


We take great pride in delivering these courses to novice or experienced shooters.  Our main goal is to develop safe firearms handling and hunting skills for students who need a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) for recreation (hunting, participation in the shooting sport), employment (CBSA, Armed Security) and/or inheritance .

Your Safety is Our Priority! Our instructors are committed to making your experience with York Region Firearms Academy positive and enjoyable.   Once you have completed our course, we are confident you will be able to meet your legal and moral obligation as a firearm owner and hunter.

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